We are a soul-searching, energy releasing mental fitness program that focuses on helping you listen to your body, mind, and spirit to identify the pain you are experiencing and release it, if you choose. It is the ultimate workout.

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Most challenging part of CORE FUSION?

Remembering to stay on top of my mental fitness program regularly.  It is like going to the mental gym. If I want the optimum results I must have a regular mental and emotional work out schedule.

James T.

What are the benefits of CORE FUSION?

It helps you let go of your ego and anger by working with your intuitive wisdom. These are gentle, detailed mental exercises!

What is your favorite part of CORE FUSION?

My favorite part of this program is the peace and hope I feel after releasing a mental and/or emotional block.  I feel freedom I rarely experience. I always look forward to my next CORE FUSION exercise.  

Sarah H.


CORE FUSION has lifted me to freedom and heights I never thought I could achieve.

Allison M.

I always thought I was too much of a man to ask for this kind of help.  Out of sheer desperation I called.  CORE FUSION has given me back my life.

Tom F.

I suffered from neck and back pain for years.  Nothing worked to eliminate the pain.  It never occurred to me it might be emotional pain.  Well, I am now pain free thanks to CORE FUSION.  I guess I was a pain in the neck! Hahaaa The results are amazing!

Ron W.

I was sexually abused as a child, and have struggled with feelings of worthlessness my whole life. Now, thanks to the CORE FUSION process, I have been rescued from endless despair, realize my own inherent worth, and am feeling truly valued for the first time in my life. I know I have a ways to go, but now I know where to go. CORE FUSION! From the bottom of my heart; Thank you!

T. Berry

I sustained a shoulder injury from overwork. Nothing that the doctor gave me for pain was effective. Then I found CORE FUSION! The process seemed to unlock my bodies ability to heal the damage from all that over work, and give me the ability to keep on working. I didn’t think it could help a physical injury. I was wrong!

D. Marion

I had severe anxiety. One day when it became acutely unbearable I decided I had nothing to lose and called CORE FUSION. As I was in a crisis, they set up an extra session for me that day. I experienced a miracle! I was in hopeless despair, and in just one hour not only was my anxiety gone but from then on out I have felt truly empowered , safe, and secure even in my stressful environments at home and work!

David L.

CORE FUSION works! I’ve done three sessions so far for three separate issues and hit three home runs! It’s a comfort knowing that the process works and is there for me anytime I need it. That gives me a lot of confidence and security. Thanks CORE FUSION!

Chad M.


Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, CSW, LCSW, MFT

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Thomas Harrison has been trained in cognitive therapy, psychodynamic therapy, reality-oriented therapy and relationship therapy. He has been practicing in Utah with a clinical license since 1977. He has taught at the U of U Medical School, Graduate School of Social Work and in conflict resolution and divorce mediation at the BYU Law School. Harrison has postgraduate training in depression, anxiety, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, sexual addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorders. Harrison has counseled over 4000 survivors of sexual abuse. He treats dissociative disorders and has served on the neuro trauma team at two hospitals.

Harrison has 40 years of experience and assists in the resolution of problems quickly and in the long run for less cost to the client. He is knowledgeable in traditional psychotropic medication and nontraditional approaches to wellness. He is a skilled therapist. He is the author of three published books.

Harrison is our advocate here at Empower Slave to None!