Dream as if you will LIVE forever . LIVE as if you will die today

Leaving childhood to move on with our lives may seem as if we are leaving our dreams behind.  It may seem as if our real dreams have withered and died.  Do we sometimes think of winning the lottery or inheriting a huge fortune? During our childhood we planned out every detail of winning and made it almost real.

Maybe we should take on our childish exuberance and dream the dreams we LOVE.  Make our dreams and plans live by laying out a plan to accomplish them.

Let us take an inventory of our lives. Are we living our dreams?  Do we rise up out of our beds, almost everyday, with exuberance and excitement to do our best that day, as if it is our last day on earth?

Let us love to say, “I love you,” by giving the gift of love to someone everyday, and mean it?  Let us share with those closest to us by telling them how amazing they are, for instance our wife, husband, child, friend or parents, let them know we love them.

Do we focus on our disappointments more than our achievements? It may be time for us to dream bigger and live life bigger, as if this was the last day we had to leave our mark on the world.

We never know what tomorrow will bring, so may we live today as if we will die tomorrow. We need to go full speed ahead with excitement. Life is an amazing gift. Since there is no guarantee what each day will bring may we LIVE ALIVE to accomplish our dreams.