A Champion In Life

Many people LIVE with no purpose, wondering what life truly holds? Their vision of who they are and what they can accomplish is hidden. Many people are floating through life waiting for their big chance. The most talented successful people know that envisioning the end result gives them the motivation to record their plan. From that position they work backwards identifying the steps needed to achieve their vision. Taking steps gives us HOPE as we identify schedules, milestones, and education, needed to LIVE our vision. Ask yourself, where does that vision come from?  By quieting our mind, set aside time to see our goals, feel our passions, identify our talents dreams and desires gives us the clarity and motivation to develop meaning and purpose.

Often we look outwards to develop and validate our meaning and purpose. We were perfectly created with everything we would ever need to secure our meaning and purpose. Looking outward is building our foundation on sand as everything outward is in a constant changing of states that can prevent us from achieving our passions and goals. When we base our self worth and identity outward it can lead us down roads that are not as fulfilling taking us farther away from who you really are.

Our meaning and purpose is what grounds us in the storms of life. It is learning to be at peace right where we are at when our plan does not come to pass. Our plans might be part of discovering the meaning and purpose of our life.

All of us were built for so much more, so we should not loose sight of HOPE after investing allot of time, effort, money and emotions into our life only to find out things didn’t work out as we planned.  This can leave us feeling like we have failed, however we must look for HOPE and clues to give us greater understanding so we can move forward having grown from our experience.  At these times let’s make a commitment to renew our HOPE and refine our purpose, not just accept whatever comes our way in life. We were created with meaning and purpose. We were born with everything instilled in us to LIVE ALIVE!