In collaboration with BDN and Keiyana Osmond, Empower Slave to None has officially released Lonely. Keiyana and Brendon, or BDN, have been using their musical gifts and working with Empower Slave to None to develop a way to touch people’s hearts—not through words but through music.

You Are Not Alone 

When people are depressed, they feel lonely and isolated. And that feeling of isolation is what drives them to self-medicate rather than seek help from friends or loved ones. Lonely is a song for those who feel like they can’t reach out.

Everyone at Empower Slave to None wants you to know that you’re not alone. You have people who want to help you. We hope that you will listen to this song and feel the love that helped create it. And if you are ready to reach out and get help, learn more about what Empower Slave to None can do for you by following us on Facebook and Instagram and reading our previous blogs.